Fintech Engineering Virtual Experience Program, by Goldman Sachs – Dec 2022

Duration: 2 Hour Lesson/ Day

The Program involved using research and problem-solving skills. I learned about cybersecurity and password algorithms.

Machine Learning and Data Science with Penn High School Programs
Summer 2022

Duration: Two Week Program 2 Hour Lesson / Day

This program helped me develop a stronger understanding of the fundamental concepts of coding. Working up from variables and data types to classes to object-oriented concepts and beyond. The course expanded on the power of Python and into machine learning. We explored TensorFlow, machine learning models, and used these tools to solve complex problems. We worked with world-class data sets and worked on topics like: recognizing handwriting with MNIST, and recognizing categories of images and objects with CIFAR-10. Finally, all these skills were used to work on developing a program that showcased our skills and creating content for a portfolio.

The Young Computer Scientist
Summer Internship – Aug 2021

Duration: 7 Days Program, 6.5 Hours / Day

An online internship with InvestIN Education. I experienced real life work of a computer scientist and, had the opportunity to build and program an app, investigate cybercrime through data forensics, and work together with a group to build the front-end and back-end of a website.

course by University of Michigan
Coursera – October 2020

Duration: Four-Week Program, 34 Hours
Oxford Royale Academy, University of Oxford

I learned the background of programming languages as a whole, the main data types, and data structures. Also learnt how to implement loops into my code, and how to use conditional statements, and logical operators. The course also taught me how to interpret code, and how to spot errors (such as runtime errors). I also learned to write my own code, consisting of different data types, loops and conditional statements.