How did I get into coding?

I was first introduced to coding during my Computing class in the 8th grade, when our teacher showed us the Python programming language. She gave us short tasks to do using Python, and ever since then, I have been obsessed. I used to wait in anticipation for our weekly lesson. Then the pandemic hit and school was mostly online, so I had more time on my hands, and, eager to learn more, I found myself downloading Python download on my laptop, to try coding on my own. Summer 2019 is when I took it to the next level – I enrolled in my first course. A Coursera course by the University of Michigan that taught me the basics of Python. Since then, I have done several courses in Python, and am proud to say that I quite capable with the programming language.

Why do I enjoy coding?

There is something extremely gratifying about writing a long code, running into errors, and then finally getting it to run smoothly. Learning to code has helped me develop new ways to reimagine potential solutions. It also helped me to master multitasking. Learning to code allowed for the automation of mundane, repetitive tasks that take too much time and helped me bring the focus back to high-priority tasks.

What inspires me to code?

Always dreamed of creating something that people will actually use, enjoy, and make use of. I would eventually like to build something that people will be grateful for. Coding is one way in which I can make this happen.

What skills did I learn from coding?

Problem solving. Coding has helped me grasp that every problem can be solved! 

Why do I think coding is a great skillset?

Coding is definitely a skill which I think everyone should at least have some experience in. It opens your mind to logical and analytical reasoning. 

How have I applied coding into real life?

Decomposition/Stepwise refinement is a common technique in Computer Science, which involves breaking down a problem or a task into smaller parts, repeatedly, until the solution to that task is right in front of you. I have used this method in many ways. For example, I wanted to achieve a Merit in my Drums Grade 6 exam. For this, I had to write down how much time I had, and what I needed to get done. I then split that into smaller tasks, writing down what I needed to do every-day, and how much time I needed to spend on each task. 

My favorite project?

Playable Rock, Paper, Scissors remains my favourite to date, which was a part of my course with iD Tech Penn Arts & Sciences, High School Program. Using Google Teachable Machine, Keras, to play the popular game Rock, Paper, Scissors, against the computer. I used “Google Teachable Machine” to create scans of my hand, so that when the code activated the user’s camera, and the user puts up one of the 3 choices, the code will be able to recognize which hand gesture the user is putting up. The computer will then also randomly choose one of the 3 options and compare the users input, with its generated option. The computer will then output the outcome of the match.

The toughest project?

Building a working document scanner in Python that recognizes the document by its 4 sides, and scans it into digital format, is one of the toughest projects I have worked on.

What am I learning currently?

I am self-learning JavaScript presently as this language will further improve my skills as a developer. I am also a part of the Coding Club in school, which adds a fun aspect to the learning – we participated in a high school hackathon and are recently exploring our hobbies in code.

What am I currently developing?

I am working on small projects of useful applications which can be used in everyday life, alongside my long-term dream of building an online learning platform that applies the use of cognitive skills for high school students to play games.